Teaching Statement

My purpose of teaching is to educate all students, no matter what circumstances they may happen to be in.  The thirst for knowledge is something I want to inspire in all of my students.  Knowledge leads to empowerment.  I believe that anyone is capable of shaping the world, if given the proper instruction and opportunity.

I am a strong resource that empowers my students. I want them to understand how art is the “Breath of Life”. My goal is to give my students the necessary tools in order for them to have more fulfilling experiences with not only in art, but also in life.

My duty as a teacher is to fulfill the needs of my students and help them meet their goals.  I will guide them on the path to self-discovery.  I hope to give all of my students the same opportunities to grow and learn; I will not leave any one student behind.  I will always strive for excellence; my expectations will be high, encouraging students toward achievement.  Mediocrity will not be a choice with me.

My art curriculum will focus on many points:  art history, aesthetics and criticism, art production, and meaning-making.   Other areas of interest include cultural diversity, the appreciation of the environment, and interaction with the community.  My curriculum will provide the necessary tools in order for the student’s ideas to come to fruition. Through art, students can shape the world they live in; in order to accomplish this, students need to be aware of their surroundings and how they affect it.

Incorporating technology into the classroom environment will help better facilitate the learning experience of many of my students because it enables traveling beyond the walls of the classroom and allows students to consider multiple viewpoints on how art functions in the lives of people.  Technology also allows students to share their experiences with audiences beyond the classroom.

Creating a student-centered learning environment will be an important aspect in my teaching.  I understand that all students learn differently, and so my lessons will be multifaceted, where students have opportunities to work independently, collaborate, write, discuss, and make.

I will assess them through portfolio reviews, discussions, self-evaluation, and reflective writing.  I believe assessment strategies enable students to understand why they did what they did, involving them in higher-order thinking.

I also understand that my growth as an educator is important: teacher workshops, state and national art conferences, and correspondence with my peers will keep me informed and updated on the latest trends in teaching.

Above all else, I hope that my students will find their own paths in life through my mentorship, finding meaning, values, and a love of life through Art.

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