I came from the rich and lively city of New Orleans. The city is rich in culture and diversity; my life right now is a reflection of my past experiences in the “Big Easy”. I had a difficult childhood; money was tight in the family at times. I know I made the most of my childhood. In those hard times, I tried to keep a smile going. It’s that sense of hope through adversity that has stuck by me throughout these years.

I really enjoyed New Orleans during those formative years, but my family made some life changes and moved to Texas when I was 12 years old. I haven’t looked back since; I’ve called Texas my home for over 18 years.

It was when I had my first art class in middle school that I began to see my potential. I found an indescribable joy creating artwork every day. I was always excited to be in school, looking forward to my art class. I knew my path in life now, and I decided to pursue my passion.

I never settled for mediocrity in my work; my teachers pushed me to strive for higher goals. I attribute my high standards of excellence to my two high school art teachers, Mrs. Sina Coulson and Mrs. Connie Votaw. They taught me to “think outside the box.” Creativity is just as important in the workforce as knowledge. Art gave me the tools to reach and surpass my goals. It made me succeed in areas where I thought I could never achieve. Art gave me my self-esteem and confidence. Art became my life.

Fast forward to college…I pursued art as a painting major for several years, but I fell “out of love” from my chosen path. I then did some soul-searching; I knew I wanted to include Art in my life, but in what fashion? I loved talking about Art, and I loved people. I remembered how enjoyable and uplifting my high school art classes were, and decided to make the change.

I decided I wanted to become an Art teacher…and I haven’t looked back since. I’m still continuing my journey to this day, bearing fruit in the form of my wonderful students. My life has finally come full-circle: not only as a practicing artist, but as a teacher who is responsible for the next generation of great artists.  I’m going into my seventh year of teaching this upcoming Fall, and it’s going to be another new adventure in the making.

“Art is the breath of Life”

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