New Chapter in My Life…

So…lots of things have happened in just the past month.  Let’s see, time to reflect:

1.  I transferred Yearbook teaching responsibilities to my friend, Shanon Montgomery.  She’s going to be a great Yearbook Advisor…all this before the whirlwind which was…

2.  Sina Coulson, my former Richland HS art teacher, told me of a vacancy at RHS for an art teaching position, so out of curiosity, I applied, and I…


4.  So I leave Killian MS with very fond memories…I am leaving the best faculty and staff in the world to work with, and the best kids who loved Art.  They made me look better than I really am, and they are the reasons why I continued to work the long, arduous hours that I did.  Lots of my fellow teachers can attest to our dedication to our profession.  With that…

5.  Lots of tears were shed that very last day.  I have such loyal and wonderful students.  I love you all!  You made my journey at Killian for the past 3 years so wonderful!  I will never forget any of you!

6.  I’m going to RHS and BISD with an open mind and fresh energy, armed with a ton of knowledge I want to share to my new students.  I’m praying that I can make a lasting impact on them before I send them off to college.

7.  Summer will be spent tutoring, and recharging myself…I’m bracing for this new adventure…it’s going to be a wild ride!


I’ll never forget what Mr. Alan Cassel taught me that will last forever:  “What begins here will change the World!” 



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